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Welcome to Absolute STAR and our easy online booking system!

We are very pleased that you choose to give us the opportunity to find your vacation apartment, house or room, whatever your choice may be! We do our very best to keep all our clients, hosts and guests as pleased as we can, and hope that you will enjoy your vacation.

If you have any questions, that are not answered below, please send us an email.

Our system

Our booking system is easy and gives you immediate response via email.

  1. When guests do bookings from our website, they fill out their credit card information and our booking fee (20%) is held on the card. This can only be done in Euro! An email and a text message is automatically generated and sent to the host.
  2. The host then replies via wap if your cell phone supports this or via a link in the email. Hosts have 13 hours to respond and if not the booking will be automatically declined and the entire deposited automatically refunded.
  3. The guests in turn get the response by email .
  4. When the host agree to a booking a confirmation email will be sent out to both the host and the guests including all the necessary information about arrival time, number of guests, total amount, email addresses and cell phone numbers. To make a booking, guests needs to provide us with a valid credit card that will be charged with 20% of the total amount as this is our booking fee. This fee is non refundable.

We advice our guests to make contact with the host as soon as possible to confirm details about directions to the apartment, key hand over, the exact sum in local currency that is left to pay in cash upon arrival etc.

Objects listed with us

Hosts have provided and are fully responsible for all the information regarding their object. Rates can be changed at any time without previous notion but will never affect the total of a confirmed booking. Check in/ checkout is normally 13.30/10.00 but is individual for each host. Please read the description carefully to avoid misunderstandings. We have clients and hosts from all over the world, all requiring different things and we aim to have something for everyone.

Our obligations

First and for most we make sure that the booking process run smoothly and accurately. We use the payment system DIBS which is one of the largest and most secure online payment systems in Europe. DIBS has gone through PCI certification to make sure that your credit card information is well protected.

Your obligations

  • To get in contact with the host at least 4 days prior to your arrival to sort out all the details
  • To have the remaining amount of money with you in cash upon arrival if no other agreement has been made with the host. Please note that some hosts only accept payment in local currency.
  • Respect the hosts rules regarding their object and take care of it as if it was your own
  • If you need to cancel for some reason, to immediately contact the host to inform them. The entire booking fee is for fitted at any cancellations made by the guests. Hosts cancellations rules apply for their part of the payment.
  • As guests you are fully responsible for any damage, accidents and your personal belongings during your stay in our host’s apartments.

We advise you to take out full travel insurance!

Limitation of responsibilities

Please note that Absolute STAR only act as intermediary between the guests and the hosts. This means that the host always has full responsibility for the entire rental process and that the renting agreement is between the host and the guest. The host is always responsible that the description of the object is correct. By making a reservation through our service you fully agree to these terms.

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